Surviving the Script Apocalypse

  • Are your teams busy daisy-chaining spaghetti scripts?
  • Copy/pasting configuration code from one giant monitor to another?
  • Are some of these scripts so long (and the person who’s written them long left) that you don’t even know what they do?
  • But you are too scared to not go through the motions?
  • Are you then staring at the screen, waiting for the cryptic script to finish running, hoping it doesn’t conflict with the recent upgrade you had to your environment?
  • Are you then opening your Runbook at page #72, to find the next script you need to copy – on your way to releasing this new update?
  • And so on…

I feel you!!

Scripts are not automation. But scripts are pretty much unavoidable in DevOps. From CI, provisioning VMs, test automation, deployment, monitoring – scripts are everywhere.

Large organizations often experience a “Script-apocalypse”, where teams are buried in – and spend a large portion of their time attending to – sprawled, spaghetti, snowflake, nested, ancient scripts. That seem to have a life of their own…

This problem is aggravated not just by the sheer scale of teams/releases that enterprises need to support, but because many of those involve legacy applications and legacy IT processes. This makes DevOps scripts’ sprawl a key bottleneck to getting to predictable IT processes and accelerating your delivery pipeline.

There is a better way

While we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, maturing your use of DevOps scripts is critical to streamlining your processes and scaling DevOps throughout the organization.

I invite you to attend my talk at the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit  in San Francisco to discover best practices and emerging patterns – covering DevOps automation, Pipeline design and Organizational design approaches  – gathered from large enterprises that have managed to climb out of scripting hell.

Come learn tips and hard-won lessons for surviving your own “script-apocalypse”!

Don’t miss out on THE DevOps event of the year!

DOES is selling out – register today!

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Avantika Mathur

Avantika Mathur

Avantika (Avan) Mathur is the product manager for ElectricFlow. She helps large enterprises across #Finserv, Retail, Embedded accelerate their #DevOps adoption, design complex automation solutions & optimize delivery pipelines. Avan holds a degree in Computer science. Previously, she was the Global Technical Account Manager for large customers at Electric Cloud. Prior to working at Electric Cloud, Avan worked as a software engineer at IBM for five years doing Linux kernel development.
Avantika Mathur

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