Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast, Episode 93: 2018 Review and 2019 Predictions

This morning on our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) podcast, we had a captivating discussion with a few of the leading minds in enterprise IT and DevOps. Formatted as a retrospective of how the world of software impacted all of us in 2018, and also to look ahead to how the world will change in 2019, we were able to peel back the onion and see what really is top of mind as we head into the New Year.

Today’s guests dove into the driving forces of DevOps and what practices and patterns are shaping the industry for the year(s) to come. Everything from application architecture and cloud-native consolidation to upskilling and the operating model was discussed. Perhaps one thing was clear, however, that people agree that DevOps is on course to reach the so called “peak” – whether that happens in 2019 or not remains to be seen. Some of the very core principles of DevOps, such as automation, are also creating paradoxes for not just development and IT operations, but business leaders and administrative roles and responsibilities as well. Challenges such as these, discussed by our esteemed panel, point to prescriptive resolutions for 2019, such as moving critical operational activities closest to those with the most context within the organization.

For a deeper dive into the enterprise IT layers that are impacted by modern software delivery practices, we highlighted:

  • How DevOps impacted the world around us in 2018
  • What’s next for DevOps in 2019
  • New Year’s resolutions for enterprise IT
Mike Kavis
Mike Kavis
Mike is the chief cloud architect in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Cloud practice, responsible for helping clients implement cloud strategy and architecture to drive digital transformation.
Jayne Groll
Jayne Groll
Jayne Groll is co-founder and CEO of the DevOps Institute (DOI). Jayne carries many IT credentials including ITIL Expert™, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Agile Service Manager, DevOps Foundation and is a Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)™ .
Charles Betz
Charles Betz
Charles Betz is Forrester’s lead DevOps analyst serving infrastructure and operations professionals globally. In this role, he covers continuous deployment and release automation, incident management, and emerging topics such as containers and chaos engineering.
Jay Lyman
Jay Lyman
Jay Lyman is a Principal Analyst with 451 Research’s Applied Infrastructure & DevOps Channel. He covers infrastructure software, primarily private cloud platforms, cloud management and enterprise use cases that center on orchestration, the confluence of software development and IT operations known as DevOps, Docker and containers.

Watch the replay of the episode:

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Sam Fell

Sam Fell

Sam Fell is responsible for Product Marketing at Electric Cloud. He is a Dad, a DevOps enthusiast, a technology enthusiast, a “doing things right” enthusiast and an enthusiasm enthusiast.
Sam Fell

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