Agile 2015 by the Numbers

I think everyone had a great time at Agile 2015 earlier this month! The weather was great (who knew DC could have low temps & humidity in August?), the event location (Gaylord National in National Harbor, MD) was very accommodating, conversations with attendees stimulating, and sessions informative. One night during...

What to Look for When Choosing Your ARA Solution

We’ve all heard it: software is everywhere. Or software is eating the world.  It’s true; software touches everyone’s daily lives.  In fact, I got an email from my refrigerator the other day saying that it needed a new water filter.  Well, I know that the fridge didn’t actually send the...

Automating Automation

Rally. Apache. Glassfish. WebSphere. IIS. JBoss. Oracle. Tomcat. Jetty. Ant. MSBuild. Make. Coverity. Cobertura. CodeScanner. Klockwork. Jenkins. DBI. SQL Server. MySQL. Oracle DB. Bugzilla. ClearQuest. JIRA. Rally. ALM. AppHarbor. Heroku. Docker. Amazon EC2. Azure. Chef. Puppet. AWS. OpenStack. Git. SVN. DBI. Perforce. ServiceNow. ClearCase. And the list goes on… When...

Who killed Agile?

Last week I attended the Agile2014 show in Florida.  Agile and continuous delivery can bring significant improvements  to any organization for building, testing and deploying software, but we often find that there is resistance for adoption. Creating the necessary processes and tools and automating and accelerating them can help you...


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