DevSecOps In Vegas!

Hands-On: A Great Way to End #DOES18 This year's DevOps Enterprise Summit in Vegas was awesome! It's amazing to see the conference grow each year. This year was no exception, with about 2000 attendees. Gene Kim opened the event with a definition of DevOps (taken from Johnathan Smart, Barclays): “Better...

Containers and Continuous Delivery in Vegas

This week I had the privilege of hanging out with the local Vegas Docker community and spoke at the Las Vegas Docker Meetup. It was pretty refreshing to get out of the Bay Area and to spend time with Devs, Ops, and DevOps practitioners in the city of lights. Thanks...

DevSecOps: How to Build Secure Pipelines and Prevent the Next Equifax

Recently, following the awesome DevOps Enterprise Summit UK event, ElectricCloud sponsored a DevSecOps workshop with John Willis and Sonatype to give DevOps practitioners a hands-on experience with building secure continuous delivery pipelines. TLDR: attendees built their own automated release pipelines, secured them with Sonatype security scanning, and prevented the next...


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