Accelerating Android AOSP and Embedded Linux Builds, Part 1

Accelerating Android AOSP and Embedded Linux Builds: Introduction Embedded Linux is everywhere today. Look around and you can probably see a half dozen or more devices running some Linux-based operating system. Everybody knows about Android on mobile devices, of course. But have you ever thought about the software inside your...

From Over an Hour to Under 3 Minutes.  Yes, Really!

In our current rush for digital transformation, doing things faster – like builds – is generally a good thing.  But what if it was possible to predict or even control the amount of time a build could actually take?  You could make sure your development team confidently does builds in a...

Android Build Times: The New Bottleneck

As Android is becoming the platform of choice for everything from cell phones to home appliances to in-car management systems, the need to build and deploy faster has grown significantly.  Android device makers are under tremendous pressure to incorporate Google’s latest Android version - along with their own value add...


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