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One of our most important objectives as a leader in Application Release Automation (ARA) and Continuous Delivery is to support continued growth and learning within the DevOps community. One of the ways we pursue this endeavor is through participation in, and support of, events like All Day DevOps – a free community that hosts a 24 hour live online conference each year. All Day DevOps 2017 will kick off on October 24 and is accessible to anyone and everyone in the DevOps community through its online platform.

The event, which anticipates tens of thousands of attendees, features opportunities to learn from active DevOps practitioners and leaders around the world. The program includes 100, 30-minute pitch-free and education focused sessions that cover the following tracks: CI/CD, modern infrastructure and monitoring, DevSecOps, cultural transformations, DevOps in government, and “tech crawl” – an inside look at what DevOps looks like at different organizations.

In support of the upcoming event, we recently hosted a #c9d9 live video podcast that served as a preview of all the amazing things that are to come at All Day DevOps. Watch the replay to learn how the online conference came to be, what makes these interactive sessions unique, how the community is getting involved, as well as a sneak peek of the tracks and talks:

Join Our Live Session at All Day DevOps 2017

Electric Cloud’s CTO Anders Wallgren will be leading a session during All Day DevOps. You can join him Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 11:15 p.m. PDT to learn all about how to measure DevOps and which metrics matter most. Here is a rundown of what you can expect:

Measuring DevOps: the Key Metrics that Matter

Wallgren will focus on DevOps measurement as it relates to agility, reliability, efficiency, quality, culture and success. Attendees will gain the tools to evaluate their current messaging strategy by developing the right goals, asking the right questions and learning which methods are most effective.

They will learn the key to having specific milestones and shared KPIs that are an important role in guiding DevOps adoption and striving towards continuous improvement. Wallgren also will walk attendees through a practical framework for implementing measurement and tracking DevOps efforts and software delivery performance that provides actionable data.

The KPIs include metrics related to the software delivery pipeline and technical progress, as well as cultural indicators and business impact. Wallgren will review several use cases and real world examples for implementing metrics to drive DevOps success, as well as best practices for how to address certain challenges and problematic areas that these metrics may bring to light.

We hope you can join us and thousands of other DevOps professionals across the globe for a full day of free online learning, growing and sharing all things DevOps.

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