Electric Cloud and Opscode(Chef) Showcase End to End DevOps Automation

Today at SUMMIT 2012, Electric Cloud’s annual customer conference, I am very excited to be joined by Opscode as a speaker and sponsor. Together, we are showcasing a joint vision and demonstrating end to end  DevOps scenario. We believe our collaboration starts to deliver on the promise of Continuous Delivery that many of our customers are taking seriously. (On day 1 keynote of the Summit, we heard from our customer FamilySearch about their success story taking their entire release process down to minutes from what used to be days.)

The integration includes  a Chef plug-in for the Electric Cloud DevOps platform to define infrastructure using  Opscode Chef system configuration language. This configured infrastructure can be automatically and contextually used for application deployments and release process tasks, across the dev, test and production stages and environments. The seamless integration of release process with application deployment and environment configuration enables customers to deliver high quality software faster to the marketplace.

Available as a free download, the Electric Cloud Chef plug-in can be easily configured in minutes and used contextually across any dev, test, release processes orchestrated by the Electric Cloud DevOps platform.

I am thrilled to see considerable interest already from several major brand customers who seem excited about this best of breed integration. We would like your feedback on how we can further improve our collaboration with Opscode (Chef).

If you would like a joint demo or hands-on time with the integration, simply email bd@electric-cloud.com

Prathap Dendi

Prathap is GM for Ship.io, and VP Business Development for Electric Cloud. He drives strategic partnerships that help us deliver broader solutions to our customers. Electric Cloud has forged strategic partnerships with companies providing industry-leading tools and services in order to deliver software production automation to our customers. Suggestions/questions? Drop me a note pdendi@electric-cloud.com or follow me at pDendi on twitter for updates.
Prathap Dendi

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