Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 10 Recap – Continuous Delivery

journey-to-cdYesterday on #c9d9 we got to hear from folks practicing Continuous Delivery in their organizations about their journey.

We asked our panelists what does CD means to them in their businesses, and how did they achieve it: How Agile are they, truly?; Do they have a CD champion?; What’s their toolchain?; and what’s next for them on their Continuous Delivery journey?

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Watch the video replay of the episode:

This episode features:

geneGene Gotimer
An architect at Coveros focusing on delivering secure software using Agile and DevOps at government and commercial clients.
@CoverosGene  |
ivanIvan Kusalic
Ivan is a software engineer working for HERE, a Nokia business in Berlin. He is a software craftsman, functional programming enthusiast, in love with life.
@ikusalic   |
joshuaJoshua Kerievsky
A globally recognized thought leader in Agile and Lean software development. An entrepreneur, author, and programmer passionate about excellent software and discovering better, faster and safer ways to produce it. @JoshuaKerievsky |
geneRick Porter
Rick spends much of his time with SAP change teams, analysts and consultants globally talking change control, automation and release management.
@revtrac  |


On the Next Episode of Continuous Discussions:

Join us on Tuesday, March 3rd, at 10am PST, when we’ll be talking about Build Acceleration.

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This episode will feature:

domDominic (Dom) Faraone Dom has in depth experience architecting, deploying and automating enterprise hardware and software environments for a variety of industries.
eric-melskiEric Melski A “developer’s developer” who creates tools for developers; now Chief Architect at Electric Cloud, where he makes high-performance build tools. @emelski |
floFlorian Motlik
Flo is the CTO and co-founder at Codeship, a hosted continuous delivery service. He’s passionate about immutable infrastructure and helping teams build more productive processes.
@flomotlik  |
mikelMykel Alvis
With over 35 years experience in software development, Mykel now spends his time coaching the DevOps team at a healthcare company, where he promotes automation and repeatability. His goal is for developers to reflexively perform the practices that are central to [how he perceives] DevOps. @mykelalvis |
michaelMichael Chletsos Michael has been straddling the world of Dev and Ops, now working remotely with teams across the world to help improve their workflows. @mpchlets

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Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) is a bi-weekly series. See all episodes here.

Sam Fell

Sam Fell is responsible for Product Marketing at Electric Cloud. He is a Dad, a DevOps enthusiast, a technology enthusiast, a “doing things right” enthusiast and an enthusiasm enthusiast.
Sam Fell

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