Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 16 Recap – Build Automation

This morning on Continuous Discussions we talked all things Build Automation, as our team of panelists addressed some of the most challenging aspects of your build pipeline (represented below in our Astroids Belt of Doom). Check out the recording below to learn how to support quality and velocity at scale.


Watch the Replay of this episode:

This episode features:

Anthony MastreanAnthony Mastrean
Anthony has experience on the support desk, in QA, as a developer, and a configuration engineer. Hes in a hurry to learn as much as possible!
@anthonymastrean |
eric-melskiEric Melski A “developer’s developer” who creates tools for developers; now Chief Architect at Electric Cloud, where he makes high-performance build tools. @emelski |
lubosLubos Krnac Java / JavaScript Developer / Tech Lead.
@luboskrnac |
Mark Shapiro
Senior Software Architect @ Segue Technologies, always dev, sometimes admin, likes things automated and well-controlled.
@seguetech |
viktor farcicViktor Farcic
Software Architect at Everis, coded using plethora of languages, with his current favorites being Scala and Javascript, even though most of his office hours are spent with Java.
@vfarcic |


On the Next Episode of Continuous Discussions:

Application Release Automation in Regulated Industries

ara-regulated-headerJoin us on Tuesday, May 19th, at 10am PST, when we’ll be talking about ARA in Regulated Industries.

Delivering better software faster is the goal, but when millions of dollars and lives are at stake how do you enable teams to go fast and not break things?

And if something does break, or auditors come calling, how do you prove compliance?

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This episode will feature:

Larry SampsonLarry Sampson
an accomplished technical manager with over 20 years of medical device experience including high volume process and product development projects.
@SampsonSurgical |
Marcus YoungMarcus A. Young
A (somewhat) young developer in the healthcare field who has transitioned into the DevOps community over time. ​
Rex MorrowRex Morrow Marketing Director at Datical, whose solution, Datical DB, simplifies database schema change management to support complex, high velocity application releases across any environment, for any database.
@Datical |

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Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) is a bi-weekly series. See all episodes here.

Sam Fell

Sam Fell is responsible for Product Marketing at Electric Cloud. He is a Dad, a DevOps enthusiast, a technology enthusiast, a “doing things right” enthusiast and an enthusiasm enthusiast.
Sam Fell

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