Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 28 Recap – Docker and Containers in Your CD Pipeline

excited-about-dockerAre you excited about Docker? I know I am! 

In fact, I had just returned *yesterday from OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, where I gave a talk on Managing Microservices at scale with OpenStack and Docker.

Container technology promises to provide version-able, environment-independent application services in a snap. However, the tasks and tools involved in creating, validating, promoting and delivering Docker containers into production environments are many, complex and time-consuming.

This morning on Continuous Discussions we discussed some of the opportunities and challenges of this technology, and ways to successfully incorporate Docker as part of your end-to-end pipeline.

  • Why is Docker (and containerization — which has been around for a LONG time but is now getting lots of attention) so exciting?
  • What are some of the challenges of “containerizing” your applications?
  • How is this technology being used today? Where is it finding the most usage?
  • What lessons have you learned in managing containers in your pipeline?
  • How do microservices drive containers, or vice-versa?

(*please excuse me if I looked a bit jet-lagged on #c9d9 earlier, I’m still on Tokyo-time :))

Watch the Replay of this episode:

This episode features:

Bernd Zuther
Bernd Zuther
Bernd Zuther has been working as programmer since 2008. He has well-grounded knowledge in areas like Big Data, Continuous Delivery and agile software architectures.
@Bernd_Z |
Bernd Zuther
Chris Riley
Helping Bring #DevOps to the enterprise. Analyst @fixateio
@HoardingInfo |
Nikhil Vaze
Staff Software Engineer at Electric Cloud. He is a full stack engineer and loves to hack on things.
@therealnikhil |
Thomas Qvarnström
Thomas Qvarnström
JBoss Technology Evangelist for Applications Server and Data Grid products at Red Hat. With over 18 years of experience, Thomas educates customers on various technical aspects, including DevOps and Microservices.
@tqvarnst |

On the next episode of Continuous Discussions:

security-compliance-devopsEpisode 29: Security and Compliance as part of your DevOps processes

Join us on November 24 to discuss best practices for enforcing security and ensuring compliance and auditability as part of your DevOps processes.

This episode will feature:

James DeLuccia
James DeLuccia IV
Technologist, Author, Security Evangelist, Risk Manager, Entreprenuer, and Runner. James is the Author of IT Compliance and Controls: Best Practices for Implementation and How Not To Be Hacked: The Definitive Guide for Regular People
@JDeLuccia |
Jonathan McAllister
Jonathan has been creating automation software since he was a child. Professionally he leverages 10+ years of experience in software development, test, and delivery practices. He is an author, automator and business consultant.
@jmcallister80 |
Nikhil Vaze
Staff Software Engineer at Electric Cloud. He is a full stack engineer and loves to hack on things. Nikhil holds a Master of Science in Security Informatics.
@therealnikhil |

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Nikhil Vaze

Nikhil Vaze is a Staff Software Engineer on the Electric Cloud engineering team. He is a full stack engineer and loves to hack on things. You can also find him on github and Nikhil holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Master of Science in Security Informatics from Johns Hopkins University.

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