Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast, Episode 76: Container Orchestration

This morning on our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) podcast, we discussed Container Orchestration.

If you just want to run a couple of containers on your laptop, that’s easy. But if you want to operationalize containers for production use and enterprise scale, you’re going to need container orchestration.

  • What are the challenges for containers at scale and how Container Orchestration helps?
  • What are best practices for deploying and orchestrating containers to operationalize them for enterprise workloads?
  • What are tips and considerations for implementing containers into existing systems and your overall delivery strategy?

Our panelists were:

Brian Gracley
Brian Gracley
Director Strategy Red Hat @openshift | Enterprise Kubernetes+ | Host of @thecloudcastnet | @serverlesscast | @PodCTL | Pitmaster @OinkBBQNC
Krishnan Subramanian
Krishnan Subramanian
Krish is an industry analyst focused on Modern Enterprise. He founded Rishidot Research, a firm that helps enterprise CIOs navigate modern cloud services
J. Paul Reed
J. Paul Reed
Build & release engineering / DevOps / human factors; Managing Partner at Release Engineering Approaches: Simply ship. Every time. @ShipShowPodcast alum.

Watch the replay of the episode:


On the next episode of Continuous Discussions (#c9d9):

Episode 77: All Day DevOps Conference Preview

The 2nd annual All Day DevOps conference is happening on October 24, 2017. This is the largest online DevOps event – featuring 24 hours of live, online, free, talks. Come hear over 100 practitioner-led sessions covering CI/CD, Modern Infrastructure and Monitoring, Automated Security, Cultural Transformations, DevOps in Government, and more.

Join us on Tuesday, September 5 for a special preview of the upcoming All Day DevOps featuring some of the event organizers and speakers.

This episode will feature:  

Derek E. Weeks
Derek E. Weeks
Co-Founder @AllDayDevOps, VP and DevOps Advocate @Sonatype.
Mark Miller
Mark Miller
Co-Founder @AllDayDevOps, Senior Storyteller and DevOps Advocate for TheNEXUS.
Andi Mann
Andi Mann
Chief Technology Advocate at Splunk, a technology executive with global expertise as a strategist, innovator, marketer, and communicator.

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Anders Wallgren

Anders Wallgren is Chief Technical Officer of Electric Cloud. Anders brings with him over 25 years of in-depth experience designing and building commercial software. Previously, Anders held executive and management positions at Aceva, Archistra, Impresse, Macromedia (MACR), Common Ground Software and Verity (VRTY). Anders holds a B.SC from MIT.

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