HP does ChatOps, CenturyLink does DevOps for Legacy Apps, Intel & Quicken Loans do ARA – What About You?

At last year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit, we got to hear from some of our customers about how they do DevOps and Continuous Delivery in the enterprise.

Among other customer stories, we learned how:

  • LEGO has transitioned their software delivery process and have gone from one deployment twice a month to multiple deployments every day
  • HP ties DevOps automation, monitoring and ChatOps to eliminate manual, error-prone work and keep critical services running.
  • The drivers for DevOps Adoption and some of the industry stats shared by Forrester’s research analyst Amy DeMartine are being echoed in the transformative benefits large enterprises such as Intel, QuickenLoans and Bluware see from implementing DevOps, alongside some of the risks and hurdles that they share in an interactive panel session.
  • E*Trade shared how Wall Street does CD and how E*Trade speed up their the build, test and deploy cycles by 1,200
  • Century Link implemented CI and CD for Legacy Applications – managing inter-product dependencies and dealing with “snowflake” platforms, middleware and other technical debt requirements.

Now’s your chance!

If you’re an Electric Cloud customer – now is your chance to get up on stage and share YOUR DevOps transformation story.

Don’t forget: the #DOES16 Call for Papers closes on May 2!  Submit your proposal now to join us a speaker.

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For inspiration..

Check out some of the videos below of Electric Cloud customers on the DOES stage last year (you can also see all the sessions’ recordings here).

HP (Lucas Gravley) – Self Healing and Monitoring in a DevOps World

 From Chore to Competitive Advantage: Using Automation to Transform Service Delivery

A panel discussion featuring Forrester’s Senior Research Analyst, Amy DeMartine, Manish Aggarwal from Intel, Darnell McMurrian from Quicken Loans, and Eddie Garcia from Blueware.

 E*TRADE (Manuel Edwards) – How Wall Street How Wall Street does Continuous Delivery

Century Link (Dominic Farone) – Implementing CI/CD for Legacy Applications


(*unfortunately, we do not have permission to share the video excellent talk by LEGO..)


Join us at #DOES16! Submit your talk proposal, and get your Early Bird ticket now! (Early Bird pricing ends May 16)

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