Most practical hack @ the Perforce Swarm Hackathon

[EDIT: Nov. 10, 2013 The integration we developed at the hackathon has been open sourced and released:]

This past Friday/Saturday we had the pleasure of attending the Perforce Swarm Hackathon. It was our first overnight hackathon and we didn’t really know what to expect.  Our ‘hack’ was an ElectricCommander integration for Swarm, which allowed users to get feedback if their code under review could break the build (a form of preflight). When the results were announced we were pleasantly surprised to win since we had limited exposure to Swarm before the event.


Some things that stood out:

–          Perforce engineers were out in force to help attendees out with their projects. A lot of them pulled all nighters and patiently answered questions.

–          The venue, the USS Hornet, was amazing. We spent some time touring the ship and learned a lot. Definitely worth a visit.

–          Other demos included an integration with hopscotch (a framework to add a product tour to Swarm) a reddit integration, as well as a configurable retro-style CSS theme.

Thank you, Perforce, for being terrific hosts and organizing an awesome event!

A special shout out to Geoff Nicol, DJ and Matt Attaway who were all tremendously helpful during the event.

Now it is time to play with our new leap motion controllers!


Nikhil and Sid

PS- If you have not already, read about our perforce plugin. And checkout the source code to the integration!

Nikhil Vaze

Nikhil Vaze is a Staff Software Engineer on the Electric Cloud engineering team. He is a full stack engineer and loves to hack on things. You can also find him on github and Nikhil holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Master of Science in Security Informatics from Johns Hopkins University.

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