Workflow Automation that Enables Your Development Cloud

A critical piece that many R&D and software development organizations are still missing which stops them from making the transition to a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud infrastructure to power their development and testing efforts is the level of automation that ties their individual processes, workitems, roles and compute resources...

Do you have your core software development mechanics in place?

This week we are hosting the Agile In Action seminar series in Seattle, Santa Clara and San Diego together with Perforce, Klocwork and VersionOne. As the keynote speaker, we've invited the 2009 Gordon Pask Award recipient David Hussman - a visionary yet pragmatic software anthropologist who introduces himself as 'the...

2011: Data Management in the Private Development Cloud

Today, I heard about a discussion we’re currently having with a larger R&D organization who’s driven a significant internal initiative on deploying open source solutions to manage their continuous integration and software development backend process. To support their 1500+ developers worldwide, this has resulted in a sprawl of hundreds of...

Effects of eating our own dog food

Late last week our Engineering team cranked out two new public major releases – ElectricCommander 3.9 and ElectricAccelerator 5.4. Some very interesting and exciting updates in both products that our customers and users have asked for and that will allow us to expand our footprint even further - I encourage...

Do you want to provision a server or use a server?

Pop quiz: Why do some men use a razor every morning?  If you said "To shave their face."  you would be correct, but missing the bigger point.  Let's change the question to "Why do some men shave?"  This might generate a more philosophical answer such as "They shave because they...

No cloud for you!

Arthur Cole makes a great observation in a recent article: even a rudimentary cloud will fail to live up to its promises without a fair degree of automation. I agree. If your processes aren't automated, it will be tough to transition your infrastructure into the cloud, be it private, public...

More about DevOps

Ran across another article about DevOps.  Phil Odence talks about how Development and Operations teams are cozying up and how open source plays in the DevOps world. What I found more interesting was the discussion in comments about who really coined the term DevOps. It reminded me of a similar...

Cost vs. performance in the public cloud

An interesting article by Baron Schwartz on the MySQL Performance Blog comparing (anecdotally, anyway) the price/performance of public and private cloud database setups: Death match! EBS versus SSD price, performance, and QoS...


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