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It is clear that DevOps and Continuous Delivery can provide real ROI for businesses and allow the production of higher quality software much faster than traditional methods. It is also clear that making those transformations can be difficult – but not impossible. In our top news this week we saw innovators such as John Burke, CIO of Ambit Energy, state that “Automated Continuous Delivery Can Work in Any Industry” and we read how adding the cloud to DevOps can empower users and developers.

No matter the industry your business is in – software has eaten it. To stay competitive, you have to make these new methodologies core to your processes and practices. There is help out there though, this week we shared, What You Need to Know to Make Deployment Automation Work for Your Business and was reminded that it all starts with culture. So, make it work. Read the articles, find the resources and ask your peers. Ignoring these practices leaves your company sitting on the bench. You cannot compete if you’re not in the game.

1.Cloud and DevOps Empower Users, Developers Alike

“With the rise of DevOps for automating application development and deployment to the cloud, both users and developers could benefit. The idea of DevOps is very simple. It automates the notion of agile, which provides the ability to remove the traditional latency around the application development lifecycle. The advantage is that developers can make changes, then test, integrate, and deploy those changes automagically.”

2.To John Burke, CIO of Ambit Energy, Automated Continuous Delivery Can Work in Any Industry http://www.cio.com/article/2915610/leadership-management/solving-the-big-application-problem-amazon-style.html “It took a little convincing of both his development team and his business partners, but over the next eight months, Burke moved Ambit Energy to an Agile development model. In another major move, he reorganized his department to have nine dedicated software teams to align to the company’s nine business units.”

3.What You Need to Know to Make Deployment Automation Work for Your Business

“Deployment automation is becoming more of a requirement for software development teams that are looking to remain competitive. While there are many benefits, there are also a number of areas to consider before implementing a deployment automation solution as part of your software development and release process.”

4.Why everyone hates DevOps

“Even though DevOps is widely seen as a powerful way to create better software faster and more efficiently, it puts new pressures on all parts of the organization…
In a DevOps environment, business people suddenly have to spend a lot more time talking to engineers, Humble said, a task that they may not always appreciate. Busy marketers, for example, may not be inclined to spend their time worrying about technical matters that they used to be able to ignore.”

5.From the Editors: DevOps May Drive IT People to Extinction

“The term “DevOps” has now existed long enough to have made the arduous journey from buzzword to industry mainstay. That, however, does not mean there are no longer arguments about just what the term means. In this issue, we even heard some say that DevOps is a harmful term that divides duties along imaginary IT/developer lines. Ten years ago, this was distinctly not the case.”

6.What you missed in Cloud: DevOps-as-a-Service

“The past week saw the cloud spotlight turn back to the development community with the launch of new capabilities aimed at fostering the creation of the web services changing how organizations operate. Nitros.io Inc. set the wheels in motion with the debut of a reworked versionof its managed application platform adapted for the needs of large enterprises.”

7.Etsy CTO On Its Conservatively Crafty Tech Philosophy

“Etsy CTO Kellan Elliott-McCrea sat down with TechCrunch recently and talked about the Etsy process when it comes to selecting technology, and it is very much a company that has clearly defined methodologies and approaches for everything it does. In his words, to keep the business going with a relatively small staff, “we need to consistently punch above our weight.”

8.Security and DevOps: the Horses are Finally Here
“It doesn’t seem like it was so long ago when it was actually difficult to find enterprises and experts who could speak – from experience – about having successfully managed security in a DevOps environment. Sure, they existed, but they were primarily the so-called “unicorns:” web-based enterprises that had little of the legacy infrastructure in place that also needed to be secured. Enterprises such as Netflix, Etsy, Google, Amazon, and others for who the cloud and virtualization management and DevOps practices are as natural as water.”

9.DevOps: It’s all about the culture
“In an environment where the development teams get along with the operations teams, organizations are finding it easier to deliver software faster, with better quality. What’s their secret? DevOps.”

10.How Can We Build Better Complex Systems? Containers, Microservices, and Continuous Delivery.
“The driving insight is complexity grows nonlinearly with size. The type of system doesn’t really matter, but we know software size will continue to grow so software complexity will continue to grow even faster.

What can we do about it? The running themes are lowering friction and limiting risk…”

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