Weekly Top 10 News: The Inescapable DevOps

This week’s top news prove that DevOps is everywhere. From mobile apps to pizza joints, DevOps teams are key to every corner of every industry. Its increasing popularity comes as no surprise to us, and Mark Thiele tells us how and why this method is so important to running an efficient business. This week also brought us a report on the scope of continuous integration for mobile apps, how DevOps is finally integrating into the automotive industry, and how one of the most successful pizza delivery companies is adopting the DevOps way.

pamela-howellIn even more exciting DevOps and DOES15 news, we wrapped up our #DOES15 Twitter Contest today by announcing the grand prize winner! Congrats @serendipitousP, AKA Pamela Howell- who won herself a spot at our 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit event this October in San Francisco.

For more on how software developers and executives are adopting DevOps and Continuous Delivery principles see more top news below.

1Ship.io Releases Industry’s First Mobile Continuous Integration Trends Report

By @awilson820 | Published on @ShipApps

Ship.io, the leader in cloud-based mobile app continuous delivery, today released its Mobile Metrics Benchmark Report which shares trends for the Continuous Integration(CI) of mobile apps. The report was generated by examining survey data frommore than 500 mobile app developers and benchmarked usage data from more than 250,000 automated builds, tests and releases on the Ship.io platform. Key areas of focus for the report include CI adoption across major mobile operating systems (iOS, Android), frequency of testing, releasing and checking code, app build times and frequency, and common build failure reasons across geographies around the world.

2DevOps – The Symptom of an Agile Organization

By  @MThiele10 | Published on @SYSCONmedia

DevOps is all the rage these days and with good reason as it promises to reduce the time-to-market for new applications. It also promises to improve change management, allowing teams to deploy changes to their applications quickly and efficiently. However, DevOps isn’t something you buy, install, or implement; rather it is the symptom of an appropriate organizational system.

3Domino’s Pizza Orders Hitachi Consulting to Advise on DevOps Push

By @CarrotyD| Published on @ComputerWeekly

Domino’s Pizza has enlisted managed services firm Hitachi Consulting to help its software delivery team adopt a more DevOps-friendly way of working. With the majority of pizzas the company is responsible for delivering being ordered via its e-commerce platforms, Domino’s said it is keen to pursue a continuous approach to IT delivery to ensure users of its online and mobile apps enjoy a good customer experience. To achieve this, the organisation plans to work with Hitachi Consulting to automate parts of its software testing processes as it migrates more of its operations to the cloud.

4DevOps Tools: Which to Choose?

By @_JohnLeonard | Published on @Computing_News

There are certain key elements that must be in place if DevOps is to work. First and foremost is strong leadership, probably from the CIO or another senior IT leader. This individual must be able to count on backing from the board to see the team through the testing times that are likely to follow the unifying of the software development and operations functions. Within the respective Devs and Ops teams there must be sufficient aptitude, cross-functional skills and willingness to learn, so that the business objectives can be met without a huge amount of retraining. And the right tools need to be in place.

58 Interesting Finds from Gartner’s CIO Research from 2015

By @ErinCarson | Published on @TechRepublic

Take a quick scan of what’s being written about CIOs and you’ll get a range of perspectives — the job is fraught, constantly in flux, no one wants it, yet it’s increasingly important. So, how to get a grip on what’s going on in the world of the CIO? For starters, here’s a rundown of some of the most recent data from research firm Gartner about the role of CIO, from the descriptive to the prescriptive.

6How Companies Will Actually Use Docker

By Stephanie Tayengco | Published on @VentureBeat http://venturebeat.com/2015/08/08/how-companies-will-actually-use-docker/

Enterprises want Docker. It’s on many 2016 roadmaps and has become the tech darling of startups and financial services conglomerates alike, notwithstanding its extreme youth. Despite common perceptions, enterprises don’t need to reach the promised land of a full “DevOps transformation” to start using Docker. They don’t need to have a microservices model or a fleet of full-stack engineers. In fact, Docker is a good fit for enterprises that are in the thick of a multi-year IT transformation and can actually help big teams implement DevOps best practices more quickly.

7Just Enough Developed Infrastructure

By @patrickdebois

In the first part of the session, I will iterate over the conceptual models I’ve come across that try to capture the essence of devops. In part two we will leave the theory, and provide a more practical way of obtaining the shared view, using a sort of ‘reverse value stream mapping’ technique. Finally, we’ll take a step back and see how well we’ve done in the past years, explain some of the caveats and look towards the future.

8A U.S. Federal CIO Takes 10 Minutes to Show His Canadian Peers A Way to Speed Up Innovation

By @shaneschick | Published on @itworldca http://www.itworldcanada.com/article/in-10-minutes-a-u-s-federal-cio-shows-his-canadian-counterparts-a-way-to-speed-up-innovation/376403#ixzz3icZ8WqD7

The way Mark Schwartz describes IT projects in the federal government would probably make CIOs in Treasury Board and other parts of the Canadian public sector cringe. Although there are some obvious differences between our two countries, the bureaucratic barriers to innovation in IT sound like they cross borders pretty well.

9Electric Cloud and Arynga Announce a Product Integration Partnership

By @TheCIOReview | Published by @TheCIOReview

Today the cloud has penetrated into almost all the industries, then why should the automotive industry lag behind? Electric Cloud, a company providing continuous delivery and DevOps automation, announces product integration partnership with Arygna that provides delivery of intelligent vehicle software management solutions. The companies have decided to bring continuous delivery solutions to market for automotive Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

10Devops in an Application-Centric Cloud World

By @samgreenblatt | Published on @infoworld http://www.infoworld.com/article/2955261/cloud-computing/devops-in-an-application-centric-cloud-world.html

The application-centric cloud development model becomes a devops approach to managing applications. Traditional cultural differences between developers and operations are very pronounced in the current information technology environments, but devops brings forth a blended approach to moving applications and a much quicker and more agile approach to the application-centric cloud.

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