Wind River, Electric Cloud Bring Speed and Quality to Android Device Manufacturers

Android’s explosive growth and its continued adoption path towards 1 BILLION devices is well known. It is not just phones and tablets anymore. Android is arriving embedded in cars, healthcare equipment and even household goods.

Such growth comes with complexity. With newer Android operating systems being released at a rapid pace, the delivery of devices is gated by how quickly device makers can build, test, and release their software on all OS to keep quality high. This enormous complexity coupled with marketplace competition is forcing device manufacturers to choose between time to market and quality of the devices shipped.

So far, they have been struggling with that choice between quality or time to market.

Motorola’s CEO: Software issues drive 70 of smartphone returns

Clearly, that did not work too well.

Good news. Android device manufacturers dont have to make that trade off anymore. Electric Cloud and Wind River are showcasing unique, integrated Android® lifecycle management technologies at Summit 2012, Electric Cloud’s annual customer conference. The demonstration highlights the Electric Cloud solutions which speed the development of Android applications and Wind River Test Management for software testing of Android-based devices. The combination of Electric Cloud and Android testing software from Wind River provides faster build, test and release process management, enabling customers to accelerate processes and tasks involved in the entire lifecycle and to deliver high quality Android devices faster to the marketplace.

As partners, Electric Cloud and Wind River already have numerous joint customers that are household names and leaders in their segments. I am excited to extend our partnership to solve the complexity issues in high-growth areas such as mobile and embedded software management.

For more details on Wind River test management solution:

You can find more details on Electric Cloud’s solution for Android at :

We would like your feedback. If you would like a demo of the joint solution, please email us at

Prathap Dendi

Prathap is GM for, and VP Business Development for Electric Cloud. He drives strategic partnerships that help us deliver broader solutions to our customers. Electric Cloud has forged strategic partnerships with companies providing industry-leading tools and services in order to deliver software production automation to our customers. Suggestions/questions? Drop me a note or follow me at pDendi on twitter for updates.
Prathap Dendi

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