CERN Selects Electric Cloud to Manage Application Quality for Tens of Thousands of Scientists

Sunnyvale, CA -

ElectricCommander Chosen to Support the Diverse Needs of 20,000 Users Worldwide

Electric Cloud®, a leading DevOps automation company, today announced that CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, has deployed the company’s ElectricCommander solution to automate and accelerate the application development efforts of more than 20,000 users of its ROOT software. CERN’s development team, which is responsible for applications upon which most of the Organization’s experiments run, relies on ElectricCommander to manage the enormous influx of continuous integration, build and test requests from its diverse developer base while ensuring outstanding application quality. For more information on ElectricCommander, click here.

“When you’re creating applications designed to identify the existence of sub-atomic particles that serve as the foundation of our universe, the quality of your code is critical. Incorrectly compiled and tested applications can literally set your experiments back by months and obscure important findings,” said Benedikt Hegner, Scientist with CERN’s development team. “This quality assurance requirement is compounded by the fact that we need to support thousands of developers using a diverse set of tools and languages and across a variety of compute platforms. ElectricCommander enables us to manage the hundreds of daily requests from our developer base while simultaneously ensuring these applications will perform as expected. During our evaluation, ElectricCommander proved flexible enough to adapt to our extreme environment.”

CERN chose ElectricCommander to support its development team for ROOT, an open-source object-oriented program and library created by CERN and used by thousands of developers around the world (more information here – as well as nearly a dozen additional products including Cling and Geant4. The applications developed with ROOT are primarily used for experiments in high-energy physics, including those at the Large Hadron Collider and its search for the Higgs Boson, a theoretical particle thought to impart mass to all matter in the universe. However, ROOT is also used in a broad variety of industries, including finance, astronomy and various data mining applications.

“No two application development organizations are alike, so automation solutions need to be able to adapt to the specific needs of the individual user,” said Mike Maciag Electric Cloud’s CEO. “CERN is a shining example of this—they have millions of lines of code that need to be maintained for 30 to 40 years across multiple platforms. There’s no way they will be able to adjust their process to shoehorn in some outside party’s tool. We designed ElectricCommander with the flexibility to map to the needs of our customers, rather than force them to adapt to our process.”

For more information on the deployment and relationship between Electric Cloud and CERN, you can join the free webinar on 5/30.

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