DevOps Enterprise Summit Brings Industry Experts Together to Address the Top Five Problem Areas in DevOps

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DOES15 programming committee has reserved 15 talks from renowned IT experts to discuss security, culture, testing, organizational design and top performance metrics in DevOps

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15), the premiere conference focused on helping enterprise software organizations accelerate quality software delivery, today announced 15 new talks from world-renowned software delivery experts that focus on the top five problem areas identified with DevOps adoption in large enterprises. These speakers include Dr. Steven Spear from MIT, Rosalind Radcliffe from IBM, Ralph Loura from HP Enterprise, Paula Thrasher from CSC, and Jason Cox from Disney. The full speaker line-up is available at

I asked that every speaker at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit end their presentations with a slide that addressed one of the two following titles: ‘Here’s what I don’t know how to do’ and/or ‘Here’s what I’m looking for help with,’” said Gene Kim, co-author of the The Phoenix Project and upcoming DevOps Handbook. “When people started sharing what problems they were facing, it didn’t take long to see how many of those challenges were similar across different enterprises. The DOES15 programming committee is thrilled to be able to bring in leading experts to present on these topics specifically, to help the community accelerate DevOps and IT transformations.

The top issues to be discussed at DOES15, and some program highlights are:

  • Improving the strategies and tactics around creating automated testing for legacy applications:
    You’ll hear experience reports from century-old companies Sherwin-Williams and Western Union on how they have accelerated their DevOps practice and IBM’s Rosalind Radcliffe will talk about how to create test automation in mainframe applications.
  • Addressing the culture and leadership aspects critical to leading a large-scale  enterprise IT transformation:
    MIT’s Dr. Steven Spear will discuss the cultures and management methods in high-velocity organizations such as Toyota, Alcoa, and the U.S. Naval Reactor program, and Paula Thrasher will talk her work mobilizing IT transformations in the face of extreme bureaucracies in more than 16 different federal government agencies.
  • Top approaches and methodologies to organizational design, roles and responsibilities:
    Ralph Loura, CIO for HP’s Enterprise Group, will talk about nurturing DevOps capabilities and spreading those practices through a mammoth technology organization, and Jason Cox, Director of Systems Engineering for The Walt Disney Company will share how he organizes, staffs and funds embedded Operations engineer across the Disney enterprise.
  • Information technology security and compliance considerations and practices:
    Both Ed Bellis, former CISO of Orbitz, and Bill Shinn, principal solutions architect at Amazon Web Services, will talk about how to overcome security and compliance objections, and integrate those practices into publicly traded companies, and some of the most regulated and security-stringent organizations around.
  • Identifying the key metrics to best improve performance with DevOps initiatives:
    Julia Wester of LeanKit and Troy Magennis of Focused Objectives will talk about the theory and practice of making team data visible in ways that lead to improvement action and how to avoid the pitfalls and traps of managing by numbers.

In addition to these, and over 80 other conference talks, five teams from the DevOps Enterprise community  will share six months of research, collaboration, and insights into each of these problem areas, providing conference attendees with best practices and guidance, to help them successfully implement DevOps in large organizations and accelerate their success.

The DevOps Enterprise Summit will take place October 19–21, 2015 in San Francisco, and conference organizers Electric Cloud and IT Revolution are nearing sellout of conference registrations due to strong demand from the software development and IT communities. The first day-and-a-half of the three-day conference features keynotes from industry luminaries and speakers who will share DevOps and Continuous Delivery experiences, successes and failures. The second and third days of the conference consist of parallel technology, process and business tracks throughout the day.

To purchase your conference pass, and for more information on the event, visit: 

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