DevOps Enterprise Summit Speakers from Salesforce, E*Trade, Capital One, Raytheon, Bose and More Join for Two Live Video Chats

San Jose, CA -

Gene Kim and Electric Cloud host enterprise IT experts to share their real-world experiences on DevOps challenges, solutions and implementations during two live events on September 11 and 15


Sept. 11 Video Chat Participants:

  • Gene Kim, DevOps enthusiast and founder of IT Revolution
  • Kris Buytaert, CTO at
  • J. Paul Reed, Director of Site Reliability Services/Principal Consultant at Salesforce
  • Kevina Finn-Braun, Director of Site Reliability Services at Salesforce
  • Tapabrata Pal, Director and Platform Engineering Fellow at Capital One
  • Michael W. Smith, Technical Director, Hardware & Infrastructure at Raytheon Software
  • Anders Wallgren, CTO at Electric Cloud


Sept. 15 Video Chat Participants:

  • Manish Aggarwal, Software Engineer at Intel Corporation
  • Dominic Faraone, Software Engineer at CenturyLink
  • Josh Steckler, Software Engineer at Bose Corporation
  • Lucas Gravley, Build Architect at HP
  • Manuel Edwards, Systems Engineering Manager at E*TRADE
  • Tanay Nagjee, Solutions Architect at Electric Cloud
  • Anders Wallgren, CTO at Electric Cloud


Sept. 11 Video Chat

DevOps practices are being adopted by some of the largest and most innovative organizations on the planet, and they’re seeing the benefits of delivering better software faster across every industry. In a special video chat gearing up for the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15),  Gene Kim and fellow speakers  will discuss how large enterprises (the ‘horses’) are doing DevOps, focusing on how they address the top 5 challenges facing the DevOps community today – which are also the key focus points for this year’s conference:

  • How do we deal with automated testing, specifically for legacy environments
  • How to address culture and leadership issues, particularly around transitioning and transformation
  • Organizational designof roles and responsibilities
  • How to address IT security and compliance issues
  • What metrics should organizations use to track their DevOps implementation and performance.

Sept. 15 Video Chat

For over a decade, Electric Cloud has been helping the “horses” deliver better software faster in some of the biggest, most complex environments in the world. For this video chat, speakers will discuss some of the most pressing issues that large enterprises face when implementing DevOps to transform the way they are delivering valuable software to their users. The discussion will have a special focus on automation and how it is helping teams improve delivery cycle time, reduce risk, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Is DevOps part of their company culture, or did it take “heroic efforts” to push their transformation?
  • How is automation used in their Dev and Ops environments?
  • How does DevOps help them address security and compliance?
  • What DevOps performance metrics are impacted and improved through Automation?

Attendees will learn how each of the participants is addressing these challenges and get a taste for what’s to come at DevOps Enterprise Summit – happening October 19-21 in San Francisco.



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Join @RealGeneKim and #DOES15 speakers for a LIVE #DevOps video chat on 9/11:

Join @ElectricCloud and #DOES15 speakers for a LIVE #DevOps video chat on 9/15:

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