Electric Cloud and Hitachi Solutions Team to Deliver DevOps Automation to Asia

Sunnyvale, CA -

Leading Global Provider of IT Solutions to Resell Electric Cloud in Japan and China

Electric Cloud®, a leading DevOps automation company, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Hitachi Solutions Ltd., a leading global supplier of IT software and solutions, to distribute the company’s innovative solutions throughout Japan and China. Specifically, Hitachi Solutions has joined forces with Electric Cloud to serve the specific and unique needs of its customers that need to automate and accelerate their application development and delivery process. This alliance gives the two largest economies in Asia access to the world’s leading solution for speeding the delivery of applications to market. For more information on Electric Cloud, click here.

“Software applications are increasingly critical to the success of most products and businesses,” said Takashi Miki, General Manager, Embedded Systems Business Division Hitachi Solutions. “Our agreement with Electric Cloud enables us to continue to help any of our customers — regardless of their specific needs — streamline their software application development and delivery processes, speed time-to-market and improve product quality.”

Hitachi Solutions will be selling the entire portfolio of Electric Cloud solutions to its enterprise customers. The Hitachi Solutions team will offer a pilot-based go-to-market strategy where potential customers can use Electric Cloud’s solutions for themselves prior to full deployment.

“We are pleased and excited to be working with Hitachi Solutions — one of the largest and most well-respected system integrators in Japan,” said Mike Maciag, Electric Cloud CEO. “This agreement should bring Electric Cloud DevOps automation solutions to many important Japanese IT organizations.”

Electric Cloud is the only DevOps automation company capable of adapting to the unique needs of any application development and delivery organization. This is critical, since no two organizations approach application development in the same way. The diverse elements that go into a world-class development and delivery process—tools, operating systems, programming languages, available resources and more—will always be specific to that process alone. As a result, software organizations need a tool flexible enough to adjust to their workflow instead of the other way around.

Only Electric Cloud offers:

  • Complete and integrated end-to-end (build-test-deploy) process automation with full visibility, control and analytics
  • The flexibility required to model any process, script, language or software methodology
  • Comprehensive support for physical, virtual and cloud-based resources
  • Accelerated processes and build tasks with patented parallelization and distributed processing
  • Enterprise grade scalability and security

About Electric Cloud, Inc.

Electric Cloud delivers solutions that automate and accelerate the software delivery process. The company’s award-winning products help development organizations speed time-to-market, boost developer productivity, and improve software quality while leveraging the operational efficiencies provided by virtual cloud infrastructures. Leading companies across a variety of industries, including financial services, ISVs, mobile devices, semiconductors and transactional websites, rely on Electric Cloud’s software delivery solutions. For more information, visit www.electric-cloud.com.


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