Electric Cloud Announces New Version of ElectricFlow That Simplifies Container Deployments and Coordinates Microservices-based Application Releases for Enterprise DevOps

SAN FRANCISCO (DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016), California -

Electric Cloud delivers industry leading innovation, enabling teams to leverage modern microservices and container-based applications within the complex legacy and hybrid environments of today’s large enterprises.


Electric Cloud, the leader in DevOps Release Automation, today announced a new version of ElectricFlow that allows enterprises to safely deploy microservices and containers at scale in large, enterprise environments. DevOps teams can now streamline and simplify processes to get containerized applications up and running, easily promote applications across different container environments, and gain much-needed visibility into application pipelines – both traditional and microservices/containers-based – through a single pane of governance.

Electric Cloud, a founding partner of the DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES16) that starts today, will demonstrate the new ElectricFlow throughout the conference.

“Our customers are rapidly adopting new technologies and architectures – like containers and microservices – as part of their DevOps initiatives. However, these approaches pose challenges in terms of operations, governance and orchestration – given the complex, large-scale, hybrid environments that these organizations need to support,” said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud.“ Often, when deploying containerized workloads or microservices into legacy production environments, teams find it difficult to coordinate their releases. ElectricFlow easily and safely manages containers and microservices throughout the software delivery lifecycle to support legacy or traditional monolithic applications, hybrid data centers and clouds, and large-scale infrastructure requirements.”

ElectricFlow represents the first end-to-end DevOps Release Automation platform to let Developer, QA and Operations personnel deploy microservices to their preferred container infrastructure or cluster manager solution (such as Google Container Engine, Amazon Container Service, or Kubernetes) without requiring any knowledge about the underlying integrations. This allows teams to coordinate and manage a mix of monolithic application and microservices releases across legacy or CD-style pipelines, into both on-premises and cloud environments. Additionally, the model-based approach is agnostic of container environments or cluster orchestration solutions, and enables easy portability between providers.

“Enterprise teams have never faced so much complexity or choice as part of the software delivery lifecycle,” said Brodie. “ElectricFlow now allows customers to future-proof their process, and consolidate control over bi-modal pipelines, delivering monolithic and microservices-based applications to both cloud and on-premises infrastructure.”

Electric Cloud is recognized globally, and among all leading analyst firms, as an industry innovator trusted by Fortune 1,000 enterprises to automate and coordinate modern software delivery practices. ElectricFlow, its flagship DevOps Release Automation platform, provides a single, scalable solution that organizations use to automate software deployments, accelerate time to market, reduce delivery costs, and increase quality, reliability and traceability.

The new ElectricFlow with Microservices and Container Deployment support is now available through Invitation Program, and will be generally available in December 2016. To learn more about ElectricFlow, visit https://electric-cloud.com/products/electricflow. To learn more about Electric Cloud, please visit: https://electric-cloud.com.

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