Electric Cloud Hosts Three Industry Events in March to Share DevOps, Microservices and ChatOps Best Practices

San Jose, CA -

Online events featuring software delivery experts help engineers and IT executives scale their DevOps efforts, implement microservices architecture and take advantage of ChatOps in the enterprise

Electric Cloud, the leader in DevOps Release Automation, today announced three upcoming DevOps industry events in March. Software delivery experts will join Electric Cloud to discuss ways of taking advantage of  microservices, Docker and ChatOps  to accelerate DevOps adoption in the organization.

1Webinar: From Monolith to Microservices – and Beyond!

DevOps.com hosts this webinar featuring Electric Cloud CTO Anders Wallgren, and Marc Hornbeek, Principal Consultant – DevOps at Trace3 for a discussion on requirements for taking advantage of microservices. Anders and Marc will highlight ways of overcoming cultural and architectural challenges, how to create a controlled and auditable delivery pipeline to support microservices-based applications, and more.

2Live Video Podcast: Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 64 – Microservices & Docker: The PB&J of Modern Application Delivery

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) is a live video podcast for discussing Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Each episode focuses on a different topic relating to modern software delivery and features a variety of speakers from the DevOps community.

This #c9d9 live video podcast features expert panelists discussing challenges and best practices for Docker and microservices at enterprise scale, patterns for microservices-based architectures, what makes containers such a good fit for microservices, and more.

3Live Video Podcast: Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 65 – ChatOps and DevOps

This #c9d9 live video podcast will focus on ChatOps as an enabler and accelerator for a DevOps transformation. Experts will share implementation patterns, data sources and tools integrations, and tips for employing ChatOps as a strategy for accelerating application releases, shift-left testing and monitoring, auto-healing, and more.


Join @anders_wallgren & @mhexcalibur for a @devopsdotcom webinar on #microservices on March 2 at 11 am PST http://webinars.devops.com/monolith-microservices-beyond @trace3


Tune in for new #c9d9 episodes on 3/14 and 3/28 with industry experts discussing #microservices & #DevOps @electriccloud https://electric-cloud.com/c9d9

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