Electric Cloud Introduces ElectricCommander 4.1 to Accelerate Application Delivery Time to Market and Improve Quality

Sunnyvale, CA -

Latest version improves ability to intuitively model, configure, run and analyze any process workflow regardless of complexity

Electric Cloud®, a leading DevOps automation company, today introduced the latest version of its industry leading application development automation solution — ElectricCommander 4.1. This new version improves software application quality and improves time-to-market by streamlining the development and delivery process workflows and simplifying the developer’s continuous integration process. For more information on ElectricCommander 4.1, click here.

“The enhancements we’ve introduced today include important feedback we’ve received from our customers and continue to further ElectricCommander as the market leading DevOps automation solution,” said Mike Maciag, CEO of Electric Cloud. “Just as our customers’ development and delivery processes continue to evolve, we are committed to making our automation solutions easier to adopt and offering the flexibility to manage any complexity for our customers.”

ElectricCommander 4.1 includes the following new features and functionality:

  • Intuitive and Graphical Workflows:
    • Improved graphical capabilities to model any development and delivery processes regardless of complexity
    • Visual and interactive workflow execution modes
    • In-context visibility into workflow execution status or history
  • Next Generation Continuous Integration Solution:
    • Improved preflight optimizations to help developers pre-test commits in production like sandbox before final commit reducing continuous integration (CI) errors and improving productivity of the overall development team
    • Richer integrations with leading Source Control Management (SCM) systems to support basic and preflight CI
    • Out-of-the-box and user configurable dashboards and reports to easily view, track and in-context manage any CI jobs
  • Plugin Library Enhancements:
    • Improved integrations to hundreds of development and infrastructure tools
    • In-context help to easily integrate, configure and use plugins

About ElectricCommander
Electric Cloud’s ElectricCommander gives development and operations teams unprecedented visibility and control over their application development and delivery processes. Spanning the entire build-test-deploy process, ElectricCommander delivers an automation solution that reduces complexity and makes the process run faster and with fewer errors. This means faster time-to-market, higher-quality applications and more efficient utilization of physical, virtual and cloud-based resources.

About Electric Cloud, Inc.

Electric Cloud delivers solutions that automate and accelerate the software delivery process. The company’s award-winning products help development organizations speed time-to-market, boost developer productivity, and improve software quality while leveraging the operational efficiencies provided by virtual cloud infrastructures. Leading companies across a variety of industries, including financial services, ISVs, mobile devices, semiconductors and transactional websites, rely on Electric Cloud’s software delivery solutions. For more information, visit www.electric-cloud.com.


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