Electric Cloud Presents Six Events in June 2015 to Help Advance Continuous Delivery and Devops Automation in the Enterprise

San Jose, CA -

IT executives, managers and DevOps and engineering teams can partake in educational events to further support the acceleration of quality software releases

Electric Cloud (https://electric-cloud.com), the leader in enterprise Continuous Delivery and DevOps automation, today announced six educational events in June to help software organizations build quality software faster by automating and accelerating build, test and deployment processes at scale.

Event #1:          

Hear Electric Cloud’s Dan Gordon speak at DevOps Conference West 2015 “Huawei’s Journey to DevOps and Continuous Delivery”

Huawei might be the largest company you’ve never heard of—one of China’s largest telecom, electronics and mobile device manufacturers, with tens of thousands of software engineers. Huawei is investing heavily in DevOps and continuous delivery (CD), aiming to transform their entire engineering process in just two to three years to reduce software delivery costs. Listen to Dan Gordon share an overview of Huawei’s continuous delivery and DevOps transformation initiatives in a complex, embedded software environment and present the business drivers for change.

Event #2:            

Online Panel: Continuous Discussion (#c9d9) on Ops Monitoring and Continuous Delivery

In this episode, c9d9 discusses how monitoring your production environments and app performance feeds back into your Continuous Delivery and DevOps efforts.

Event #3:

Online Panel: Continuous Discussion (#c9d9) on  Test Driven Development

In this episode, c9d9 discusses tips for Test-Driven D evelopment (TDD) and shortening your test cycles.

Event #4:

Join Electric Cloud and Gene Kim in a special Continuous Discussion (#c9d9) on DevOps and Continuous Delivery KPIs

In this discussion, c9d9 talks about the metrics that matter for different stakeholders in your organization when they evaluate your DevOps implementation and your software delivery performance.

Event #5:

Webinar event: “ARA and Cloud Resources Go Together Like ‘Peas and Carrots’”

Join Director of Product Management, Anand Ahire, as he dives deep into the joint world of Application Release Automation (ARA) and cloud resources. He’ll demonstrate how ElectricFlow provides re-usable templates to define and provision cloud environments, built-in support for configuration management using Chef, native integration of cloud provisioning within the overall application deploy process, and extensibility to bring your own cloud (BYOC).

Event #6:

Hear Electric Cloud’s Software Engineer, Tanay Nagjee, Speak at STARCANADA “Reduce Test Automation Execution Time by 80 Percent”

Tanay Nagjee shows how you can cut the time to run an automated test suite by 80 percent—for example, from two hours to under 25 minutes. Find out how Tanay’s team broke down their test suites into bite-sized test that could be executed in parallel. Leveraging a cluster of computing horsepower (either on on-premise physical machines or in the cloud), you can refactor large test suites to execute in a fraction of the time it takes now. With real example data and a live demonstration, Tanay outlines a three-step approach to achieve these results within different test frameworks.



Join @electriccloud, @tanayciousd, @dbgordon, Anand Ahire  & more for 6 great #DevOps events! www.electric-cloud.com #c9d9




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Electric Cloud is the leader in enterprise Continuous Delivery and DevOps automation. We help organizations developing mobile, embedded systems and enterprise web/IT applications deliver better software faster by automating and accelerating build, test and deployment processes at scale. Industry leaders like Qualcomm, SpaceX, Cisco, GE, Gap and E*TRADE use Electric Cloud solutions and services to boost DevOps productivity and Agile throughput.


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