Electric Cloud Presents Two Events in August to Advance Continuous Delivery and DevOps Adoption in the Enterprise

San Jose, CA -

Online events featuring DevOps experts help software engineers and IT executives address process-as-code principles and considerations for open source tools to accelerate quality software releases.

Electric Cloud, the leader in DevOps Release Automation, today announced two upcoming industry events taking place in August. These events feature software delivery experts who will share advice on implementing Process-as-code and open source tooling and components as part of your DevOps journey.

1Live Video Podcast: Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 47: Open Source and DevOps/Continuous Delivery

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) is a live video podcast for discussing Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Each episode focuses on a different topic relating to modern software delivery, and features different speakers from the DevOps community.

This #c9d9 live video podcast features expert panelists discussing the myriad of open source tools involved in the delivery pipeline, and some of the benefits – and challenges – of using open source tools. They will also discuss how to enable DevOps pipelines to allow system-level visibility and compliance controls over these free tools, as well as mitigate security risks that may be discovered due to the inclusion of open source components and libraries not only in the toolchain, but in application code and infrastructure themselves.

2Live Video Podcast: Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 48: Coding Your Processes and Automation (Process as Code)           

This #c9d9 will feature expert panelists who will discuss best practices for coding processes and automation – or Process-as-Code – to accelerate and scale your DevOps transformation.


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