Electric Cloud Software Experts head to sxsw to share latest insights on continuous delivery and rapid software development of both mobile and web applications

San Jose, CA -

Speeding the delivery of quality software is critical to organizations of all types – and a hot topic at SXSW


Nikhil Vaze, Senior Software Engineer, Electric Cloud

Vaze is a full-stack engineer and loves to hack on things. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Master of Science in Security Informatics from Johns Hopkins University.

Kevin Rohling, Founder and CEO, CIsimple (now Ship.io)

Rohling has helped build a number of early stage companies, including Breezy and CIsimple (now Ship.io). He is a software developer and entrepreneur with vast experience shipping apps on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Prathap Dendi, General Manager of Ship.io, Electric Cloud

Prathap, a coder-in-exile, is leading the charge at Ship.io where engineers and designers are making shipping beautiful mobile apps super simple.


DevOps and Continuous Delivery initiatives are now extending – and realizing – the true potential of Agile development across all facets of your software delivery pipeline. Today’s software organizations are looking for best practices to streamline processes that make both people and technology more productive. The presentations below are based on Electric Cloud’s extensive experience and commitment to making software delivery more predictable, repeatable and efficient.


Learn to Embrace Your Immutable Servers

Nikhil Vaze, Senior Software Engineer, Electric Cloud

Tuesday, March 17, 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

JW Marriott, Salon A, 110 E 2nd Street

Many developers and QA engineers who are globally distributed are not on the same page. They often spend too much time troubleshooting configuration issues instead of product issues. In frustration they often say, “But it works on my machine!” Open source tools such as Vagrant, Packer and Docker embrace the concept of immutable servers. As developers and quality engineers become more collaborative and agile, this session focuses on how to embrace open-source tools across a globally distributed team. It outlines how Continuous Delivery was implemented within an engineering organization using state of the art tools, what benefits (including real performance numbers) were achieved, as well as strategies to overcome technical and cultural challenges.

Web vs. Mobile: The Continuous Delivery Difference

Kevin Rohling, Founder and CEO, CIsimple (now Ship.IO)

Prathap Dendi, General Manager of Ship.io, Electric Cloud

Monday, March 16, 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

JW Marriott, Salon D, 110 E 2nd Street

Continuous Delivery helps automate the release of software faster in the wake of more iterative and Agile-based practices. Yet, it is often viewed as heavyweight and enterprise-centric only. Then there is mobile app development, where smaller teams move quickly to bring innovation and value to the mobile experience for consumers and business users alike. This session breaks down Continuous Delivery lessons learned in both mobile and web application environments. It looks at how and why mobile app development is a completely different animal – from testing and automated workflow to continuous integration. Attendees will gain a better understanding of Continuous Delivery practices, as well as the nuances and best approaches for applying it to the mobile app design and deploy framework.

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