Electric Cloud Unveils a New Continuous Delivery Accelerator Program

San Francisco, CA -

New program empowers organizations to navigate DevOps and Continuous Delivery through faster, higher quality software for business innovation

Electric Cloud, the leader in Software Delivery Acceleration solutions, today announced the Continuous Delivery Accelerator Program, a three-part blueprint designed to help organizations navigate the next frontier of DevOps and to more rapidly adopt and implement continuous software delivery for competitive advantage.

With seventy percent of software deployments taking more than a day — some requiring weeks or months — and more than half having missed application release dates due to deployment issues, businesses need help to guide, simplify and accelerate their path to DevOps.*

Electric Cloud’s Continuous Delivery Accelerator Program provides this help to their customers with three essential components:

A Consortium of Continuous Delivery Visionaries
To support the evolving needs of enterprises, organizations require the vision of independent industry leaders to guide the ever-changing market dynamics. This new consortium of visionaries is dedicated to creating and nurturing a worldwide community of continuous delivery thought-leaders, partners and practitioners. Their goal is to provide perspective and thought-leadership to help businesses successfully adopt continuous delivery practices across both embedded and web-based environments.

Chartered members include Gene Kim, award-winning CTO, researcher and co-author of “The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win” and Gary Gruver, Agile leader and author of “Large Scale Agile Development.”

“Orchestrating software from development into operations is a painstaking process, and yet it’s one that every complex enterprise needs to master,”said Gene Kim, Continuous Delivery consortium member. “All organizations are being challenged to innovate and increase the quality of software though faster releases. I am excited to be a part of this industry-wide effort to elevate the state of the practice, and thank Electric Cloud and their partners for helping accelerate the adoption of DevOps practices.”

An Alliance of Continuous Delivery Partners
Accelerating the path of modern software development requires best-of-breed technology solutions that are readily integrated across the complete software lifecycle. Electric Cloud has created a new Continuous Delivery partner network to streamline software delivery across the lifecycle. The Continuous Delivery partner network initially includes Opscode, Rally, Parasoft and Wind River, whose solutions seamlessly integrate with existing processes to automate the software delivery.

“Enterprise IT is undergoing a colossal shift as the consumption of goods and services becomes increasingly digital. Technology is now the primary touch point for the customer experience and the race is on to rapidly deliver new applications and services to market,” said Ken Cheney, VP of Business Development, Opscode. “The continuous delivery of applications is the only way to achieve the speed required to meet the new normal of customer demand. Combining Opscode Enterprise Chef and Electric Cloud enables customers to deploy software faster by automating IT management and minimizing application development cycles with a clear DevOps focus.”

A Fitness Model for Continuous Delivery
Electric Cloud’s new fitness model provides a framework that measures an organizations readiness for continuous delivery along three axes — people, process and technology. The correct alignment of these three axes, relative to an organizations release frequency goals, sets the stage for a successful software delivery strategy. The model is designed to help organizations assess their existing capabilities and lay out a path for adoption of continuous software delivery.

“You can’t be a contemporary business if you don’t have continuous delivery,” said Paul Rogers, Chief Development Officer, GE Software. “Getting to that state of continual readiness requires a blueprint to quickly assess a company’s current position so the necessary steps to minimize their cycle time can be achieved. By understanding the maturation process, organizations can put a plan in place to innovate faster and improve their competitive stance in the market.”

“Our view is that any business that touches technology is a software company and these organizations must embrace optimization techniques like continuous delivery to remain competitive,” said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud. “Agile software development is no longer enough. To remain or become leaders, companies must also automate and accelerate their software delivery process.”

Many leading organizations that continuously delivery software have fundamentally shifted they way users consume technology. Electric Cloud is empowering businesses to achieve this same experience regardless of where they are in the development cycle. They can optimize their business and user experience the minute the technology is ready for prime time.

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*Source: Electric Cloud Survey, “Dev and IT professionals” July 2012

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