Gene Kim of IT Revolution, Anders Wallgren of Electric Cloud, Members of DevOps Enterprise Summit and the DevOps Community to Host a Live CrowdChat on How to Accelerate DevOps Transformations

San Jose, CA -


Gene Kim is a DevOps enthusiast, researcher and co-author of the best-selling book “The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps and Helping Your Business Win,” and the founder of IT Revolution. Kim has won numerous awards in the tech industry, including being listed as one of the “Forty Technology Innovators Under Forty” by Computerworld in 2007.

Anders Wallgren is Chief Technology Officer of Electric Cloud. He brings more than 15 years of in-depth experience designing and building commercial software at companies like Macromedia (MACR), Common Ground Software and Verity (VRTY). Wallgren holds a B.SC from MIT.

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15) is *the* event for people who are bringing DevOps and Continuous Delivery principles into the IT value stream. In addition to Gene Kim and Anders Wallgren, the CrowdChat would feature members of DOES15 organizers and speakers, among them: Damon Edwards, Heather Hickman of Target, Carmen DeArdo of NationWide, Dr. Tapabrata Pal of Capital One, John Willis, and more.


DevOps practices are being adopted by some of the largest and most innovative organizations on the planet that see the benefits across a wide range of industries and business functions. Kim, Wallgren and DOES15 participants will talk about how these business transformations are taking place and large enterprises are adopting DevOps and scaling their DevOps implementation to accelerate software delivery and remain competitive in today’s software-driven market.

WHEN:              Monday, July 27 at 11a.m. PDT

WHERE:            Join at: (no registration required)

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