Before Electric Cloud

Broken builds dramatically impacted development time and it was clear that BioWare needed a better solution. The loss in productivity for a top 10 Canadian employer was unacceptable.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

Electric Cloud’s solutions met all of the criteria set for BioWare’s software production management system and exceeded most of them. BioWare has deployed both ElectricFlow™ software to automate the build and test process, as well as ElectricAccelerator®, for faster and more accurate builds. Using patented dependency management technology, ElectricAccelerator accurately executes parallel builds across a cluster of inexpensive servers, delivering up to a 20x reduction in build time over sequential builds. The BioWare ElectricAccelerator cluster currently has 25 agents including engine builds.

  • Fast builds, tests and deployments. Builds that were taking 60 minutes before now take less than 15 minutes—a 75 reduction. Push button unit tests and in-game automation tests enabled successful deployments.
  • Active visibility. Developers are using a preflight build and test approach, giving them the results of their changes across all platforms and dependencies within 12 minutes. This robust testing, combined with automatic check-ins, gives developers confidence when they submit their code for check-in
  • Integration efficiency. Leveraging preflight builds and tests dramatically reduced the number of broken builds that plagued their continuous integration process. BioWare now experiences fewer than 30 broken builds per month, compared with a peak of 300 before.
  • Increased productivity. A substantial reduction in broken builds facilitated the team to focus on a remedy for a particular instance and fix quickly so it is not repeated. • Quality Control. When changes in code do cause an error, they get quick feedback, the check-in is rejected without impacting any other developer in the group.