Before Electric Cloud

CERN didn’t have a single solution that could handle several different projects and use a single database, ensuring the deployment could expand easily. The various options they explored exhibited varying limitations including: an inclination for only one programming language, the lack of an API and insufficient scalability or speed for the job. Some were limited in terms of platforms they would work with, or proxy features. They needed scalability and flexibility all in one.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

CERN’s ROOT team with ROOT being their open source foundation product on a global scale developed for high volume data analysis, implemented Electric Cloud to automate its build and test processes. The builds and tests are now running fast and efficiently. Prior to implementing Electric Cloud, frequent builds and tests were not regularly performed because of slow processes and inefficiencies.

  • Complete visibility. Nightly binary snapshots are created so the entire team receives user confirmation the next day. This allows for a “blessed,” tested binary snapshot to be released daily.
  • Process automation. ElectricFlow™ automated CERN’s build and test processes. Code is developed with Subversion, which ports into ElectricFlow. The builds are run using a continuous integration process, and the test suite is then invoked every 2 to 3 hours with ElectricFlow.
  • Streamlined workflow efficiency. ElectricFlow has dropped directly into CERN’s existing development workflow, allowing them to be more efficient and reliable with a single stroke. The success the ROOT team has seen has encouraged other teams at CERN to use ElectricFlow. There are now four distinct projects at CERN using ElectricFlow every night, with each of these projects building on multiple platforms, and this list of projects and teams adopting Electric Cloud continues to grow.
  • Single scalable solution. ElectricFlow was able to accommodate for production-grade, multi-platform, multi-version systems designed to scale as needed.