Before Electric Cloud

Force10’s builds had increased to over three hours and previous attempts to address the problem had not yielded the desired results. Force10’s first attempt was to invest heavily in hardware by providing a dedicated dual CPU build machine for every two developers. This was not scalable, and the problem remained as their software build continued to grow, quickly becoming unacceptably long. Many builds could not successfully utilize GNU Make –j and the benefits were minimal. One build went from 51 minutes before –j to just 43 minutes which wasn’t much of an improvement.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

  • Significant cost reductions. ElectricAccelerator helped Force10 improve engineering efficiency and speed up new releases to market with an estimated savings of at least 200 engineer-hours per week. Build times are no longer a concern.
  • Process automation. ElectricAccelerator automatically recognizes and corrects missing dependencies, builds no longer break and manual Make file maintenance is a thing of the past.
  • Substantial productivity improvement. The developers and build masters at Force10 use the ElectricAccelerator cluster, and the company’s three hour build times have been cut by over 80.
  • Seamless and scalable. This scalable solution allows Force10 to easily add more servers to the cluster and continue to speed up builds as their code base grows.