Before Electric Cloud

The creation of environments was very manual. The process of spinning up a new environment could take around two weeks due to manual VM creation and configuration. Since it was not possible to spin up new environments quickly, multiple environments were perpetually online resulting in increased operational costs. The migration of software to downstream environments was error prone due to the number of manual steps involved. A single mistake could result in significant loss of time for downstream teams such as QA, other development teams, and business users.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

With ElectricFlow™, Equinix was able to model their entire build-test-deploy process thru automated workflows. ElectricFlow provides integrations to code coverage and defect tracking tools to automate QA activities; it also automatically deploys the Web, application, and database servers to the production environment.

  • Significant cost reductions. Since ElectricFlow orchestrates multiple scripts, no manual intervention is required to execute the scripts. This Improved the productivity of the overall team, by reducing the knowledge required to execute what were previously manual tasks.
  • Process Improvement. Consistent overall process improved since every process is executed in a pre-defined and fully documented workflow.
  • Leverage integration efficiency. Equinix can dynamically provision and tear-down VMs for each environment, eliminating the need for managing 8 different environments concurrently. This dramatically improves the time it takes Equinix to setup environments; more importantly, it reduces the TCO – infrastructure resources, labor resource and man-hours dedicated to infrastructure management at Equinix.
  • Better visibility. User-friendly dashboards show where each version (artifact) of an application has been deployed. This facilitates easy rollback to any previously deployed version.
  • Fast and efficient operation. Environment configuration is now accomplished in a matter of hours compared to weeks with the manual process. Not only does ElectricFlow dramatically reduce the time to configure the new environments, it also reduces the errors in configuring the new environments.