Before Electric Cloud

The application is composed of many products and services being developed by hundreds of geographically distributed Agile developers. A complex mix of tools are used build and test the application, including Maven, Junit , TestNG , and Selenium, before it is deployed to virtualized and cloud infrastructure. The result? The Agile development benefits were not realized because of long delays in the process – up to 3 months from code commit to production delivery of software.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

FamilySearch adopted ElectricFlow™, a powerful DevOps process automation platform, to automate its entire development to delivery cycle across over 30 applications and achieve Continuous Delivery.

ElectricFlow provides FamilySearch development and IT shared control and visibility into their software pipeline, across development, testing and packaging tools. Code commits are automatically compiled and deployed quickly to various environments for testing. As a result, FamilySearch gains:

  • Faster release. From months, to minutes.
  • Fewer process errors. Tedious, error -prone manual operations have been eliminated, improving predictability and reliability.
  • Better software quality. Faster deployments mean more release candidates make their way into test, and production. This provides more opportunity for user testing – errors are now detected quickly, and also gives the development team faster feedback from actual users on the value and quality of every release.
  • Better visibility. The fully managed workflow provides FamilySearch with good visibility into the software delivery status of all the applications that support
  • More efficient operation. Now, all product teams share a common process, promoting consistency and best practices. A dedicated release team maintains and optimizes these processes, which are delivered as a service to multiple development teams. This allows everyone to realize the benefits of the automation without focusing on the details of the execution itself.