Before Electric Cloud

The Gap’s complex automation setup contained disparate and substandard tools that were unable to scale to keep pace with new customer registrations. They were not able to validate the tests and couldn’t go any faster in a continuous delivery model.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

92 Faster Delivery
ElectricFlow™ was able to automate processes for their Java application and website development and at the same time prove validity of new builds to increase quality and substantially increase build speed and efficiency.

  • Fast builds and testing. The ElectricFlow implementation allowed the Gap team to re-factor their technical debt on slow ineffectual processes and build a productive continuous delivery solution. They were able to register new customers at an acceptable pace.
  • Improved process and automation. The Gap team was able to automate with validity improving processes and changing ineffective behaviors. Cycle times went from biweekly to daily with continuous improvement in place to perpetually increase efficiency.
  • Increased quality. The quality of the builds were substantially improved because of ElectricFlow’s pipeline traceability and multiple test type functionality.
  • Increased visibility and delivery. The build team using ElectricFlow increased visibility on operational constraints, seeing the change that caused a failure and optimizing the delivery pipeline for developers who needed to perform testing in the operational space.