The FX development group had two CI build use cases that were slowing their ability to release new features and applications on business demand:

  • Individual developers doing incremental builds that took 20 minutes or more
  • Unpredictable complete builds, using TeamCity, routinely taking 4 hours

Individual developers had no dedicated hardware for their builds so they had had to spend valuable creative time manually managing those builds on shared hardware.  The TeamCity builds had to be distributed across multiple hosts of varying capacity and availability, adding to the complexity and unpredictability. They also were not able to run builds concurrently, reducing throughput and further slowing innovation.


The bank selected ElectricAccelerator to intelligently manage parallelization and build dependencies for both incremental and complete builds.  The results were dramatic.

  • Incremental build times dropped 65% to 7 minutes – Instead of waiting 20 minutes or more, developers now wait less than 10 minutes, halving the wait time and more than doubling the time they have each day to deliver new features
  • TeamCity build times dropped 90% to 25 minutes – Not only are their TeamCity builds significantly faster – on less hardware – they are predictable, relieving developers of the headaches of waiting and repairing broken builds.
  • Multiple concurrent builds – ElectricAccelerator now lets them run 10-13 concurrent builds, further speeding innovation at the bank.