Before Electric Cloud

The QuickBooks division focuses on the needs of thousands of small businesses and employs over 100 developers at multiple sites to deliver its award winning applications. The QuickBooks division is under increasing schedule pressures. Over the last two years, the QuickBooks division has dramatically changed its release strategy. Previously, QuickBooks had two editions that were released annually. Recently, the product line has expanded to fourteen editions, each released multiple times throughout the year. As the release process became more complex, management grew more concerned about the efficiency and scalability of the development process.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

Electric Cloud enabled a continuous build system that was previously impossible to implement and successfully increased developer productivity and quality.

  • Speed and Efficiency. Intuit installed an Electric Cloud cluster that runs builds in parallel across 25 inexpensive Intel-based servers. Builds that used to take three hours now complete in less than 30 minutes.
  • Streamlined processes. The complex release process became efficient and scalable streamlining the development cycle.
  • Increased visibility. If the build is successful, it is promoted to the starting point for the nightly build. If it fails, an e-mail is sent to the developers responsible for the problem so that the build can be fixed immediately.
  • Cost reductions. Build bottlenecks were eliminated helping to achieve release goals on time and yield great efficiencies