Before Electric Cloud

The bank’s build inefficiencies in building thousands of complex applications, with some in the hundreds of thousands of LOC (lines of code), created bottlenecks in their development cycle. Additionally, there were multiple operating systems involved which compounded the problem. Release engineers needed to correct errors while developers and QA engineers were forced to wait for a successful build.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

To improve development productivity, visibility and shorten the application lifecycle, the bank looked to the ElectricAccelerator® for a build acceleration solution and ElectricInsight® a visualization and performance tuning tool. With thousand of developers affected and the need to perform multiple builds a day, the bank started seeing improvements immediately.

  • Fast builds. Using ElectricAccelerator, the bank is producing more reliable builds, up to 15X faster.
  • Seamless integration. Because ElectricAccelerator is fully compatible with GNU Make, adoption required virtually no process changes on the part of the bank.
  • Active visibility. ElectricInsight mines build information and provides an easy-to-understand, graphical representation of the build structure to gain further visibility into the cause of build failures.
  • Improved quality, productivity and costs. With ElectricAccelerator and ElectricInsight they can see a depiction of how each build is structured and run — allowing them to identify bottlenecks and run builds in parallel resulting in dramatically improved productivity, reduced costs and better quality.