Before Electric Cloud

The MIPS team completed Android validation for MIPS reporting and identified the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) execution as a bottleneck. Over 90 of the Android validation team’s effort was for CTS execution. They needed to support multiple concurrent Android releases. Each validation performed for multiple configurations with frequently interrupted CTS runs that required operator assistance and validation operation that was non-scalable, slow, time consuming and resource intensive.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

ElectricFlow automated the overall Android build and test process while ElectricAccelerator accelerated the Android builds. The CTS plan of execution has become scalable, modularized and configurable for optimal performance. Integrated with a Gerrit. Implementation consisting of 3 independent modules: Sync, Build, and Test—“Sync” included integration of Gerrit, “Build” uses ElectricAccelerator agents and “Test” is accelerated by a combination of an optimized number of resources and shards, leveraging ElectricFlow. UI plug-in for ElectricFlow was designed to facilitate task configuration.

  • Faster builds. Android build time reduced by 50.
  • Accelerated testing. Gerrit review cycle reduced by 96 and Android validation cycle time reduced by 76.
  • Increased productivity. Reduced effort allocated for CTS plan execution by 75.
  • Removed validation failures. Reduced errors introduced by an operator by 100.
  • Provided upgrade plan. Created path to enhance Gerrit integration, expand board-farm within Electric Cloud and integrate with the defect tracking system.