Before Electric Cloud:

Netezza’s geographically dispersed development team needed to automate its build-test-deploy process to keep pace with the software production requirements of the growing product line, Netezza had two full-time software release engineers spending the majority of their time running builds. At the same time, Netezza’s internal development executives realized that the homegrown build and test scripts the release team was using would soon not be able to keep pace with future needs, so it began defining requirements for a fully automated build-test-deploy process.

How did Electric Cloud Help?

ElectricFlow™ was able to adapt existing scripts into an automated infrastructure and create a unit test database andcapture test output to a dashboard. ElectricFlow exceeded critical features and functions needed by the development team and outperformed alternative products including the following.

  • Fast builds and improved productivity. Compared to its homegrown build and test environment, ElectricFlow reduced Netezza’s software build times from days to hours and freed up release engineering personnel to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Process Improvement and automation. ElectricFlow automates both phases of the build and test process at Netezza. Phase one consists of running the build and completing unit and smoke tests; the second phase consists of system tests for a fully automated software production environment.
  • Seamless integration efficiency. Netezza was able to utilize ElectricFlow to integrate builds in a seamless process. Developers are able to use the system directly with no involvement from Release Engineers, making both groups more efficient.
  • Complete visibility and cost reductions. Netezza’s globally distributed development team is able to achieve greater efficiencies with ElectricFlow, including a greater ability to maintain tight production schedules for its appliances by building and testing across all clients and identifying potentially-costly issues as early as possible in the development process.