Questions & Answers

How do I get support on ElectricFlow Community Edition?
ElectricFlow Community Edition is a solution designed to be self-guided and flexible for users. Users can find getting started videos, documentation and a knowledgebase at Additional support support options are available by upgrading to the Enterprise Edition.
What is the difference between ElectricFlow and ElectricFlow Community Edition?
ElectricFlow Community is delivered as a virtual appliance (requires knowledge of VirtualBox or VMWare), is limited to 10 hosts and 3 applications, and is community supported. The Enterprise Edition is fully supported by our world class support and services teams.
Where can I run the appliance?
The appliance is distributed as an OVA file. OVA stands for Open Virtual Appliance or Application. It is a single file that has the Virtual Machine Image stored in TAR format. .OVA file can be directly imported and used in VirtualBox and VMWare players.
Can I apply my community licenses to my enterprise server, or vice versa?
No, this setup is not supported.
How do I get started with using ElectricFlow Community Edition?
Go to to get started with ElectricFlow Community Edition. Problems? You can reach us at
Will my ElectricFlow Community Edition expire?
We are making changes to improve the appliance all the time.  In order to make sure community users are kept up-to-date, we have set an expiration date on the appliance which will be extended upon request.
Is ElectricFlow Community Edition only for deployment use cases?
No, the offering can be used to automate any DevOps use case. However, the onboarding and training materials currently cover deployment scenarios. We will be adding additional materials frequently – check back soon.
How much CPU and RAM does the appliance require?
3 CPUs and 6GB RAM


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Download options for ElectricFlow 6.2

OS X — 1.7GB

Linux — 1.7GB

Windows — 1.7GB