Shave off an additional 40 from your build times

Safe and Reliable Object File Caching

Electric Cloud is excited to announce the general availability of the new JobCache add-on for ElectricAccelerator 8.0. With JobCache, build times can be accelerated from ElectricAccelerator’s already speedy builds.

Android is a large code base that can take a long time to build. ElectricAccelerator JobCache gives us a competitive advantage by significantly decreasing the time that it takes to build Android. - Senior R&D tools director at leading Telecom company

JobCache utilizes ElectricAccelerator’s deep analysis and understanding of a build’s dependencies so that it can intelligently and safely utilize object file caching across CI and production builds by automatically determining which object files don’t need to be recompiled, and then skipping unnecessary application compiling processes.

In addition to reduced build times, JobCache also helps lower operating expenses by maximizing server utilization by reducing the amount of build hardware needed to achieve similar results.


What's Next?

Learn more about how ElectricAccelerator JobCache can reduce your build times and infrastructure costs.  Register for our on-demand webinar.

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