Cppcheck is an analysis tool for C/C++ code.

Unlike C/C++ compilers and many other analysis tools, Cppcheck doesn’t detect syntax errors, but only the types of bugs that the compilers normally fail to detect. The goal is no false positives.

It is recommended that you enable as many warnings as possible in your compiler. If you use Visual C++: you should use warning level 4. If you use GCC: take a look at Warning options – using GCC If you use another compiler: look in the manual.

  • You can check non-standard code that includes various compiler extensions, inline assembly code, etc.
  • Cppcheck is supposed to be compilable by any C++ compiler which handles the latest C++ standard.
  • Cppcheck is supposed to work on any platform that has sufficient cpu and memory.
  • The plugin calls the CppCheck tool’s cppcheck command line and passes the user-provided parameters in order to analyze C/C++ code.
  • After using the plugin you will find reports with your analysis results.


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