Starting in 6.0, ElectricFlow supports a powerful Domain Specific Language (DSL), based on the popular Apache Groovy language.

The ElectricFlow DSL allows you to define your automation processes as code.  This makes your automation as easily versionable, testable, and repeatable as your application code – and helps you transform your pathway to production from a jumble of batch files and shell scripts into a lean, mean, delivery machine!

This plugin is a DSL IDE that works right inside of ElectricFlow.

Plugin Screenshots:


This tool was developed during and Electric Cloud hackathon in August 2015. While we feel it is useful in its current form, it is provided “as is” with no commitment to further support. Please feel free to offer suggestions in the form of Github project “Issues” and we or others in the Github community will address them.

*It may be necessary to login to the ElectricFlow server again when launching the IDE. Select the question mark icon for help.