Dynatrace offers application monitoring and performance lifecycle management. Users can identify, for example, whether code changes result in any performance, scalability or architectural regressions and stop the build early so only good code reaches production, eliminating time spent in later stages and producing better software faster.

This plugin allows ElectricFlow users the ability to uncover end user, performance and operational cost impacting issues in cloud and enterprise software much earlier in the delivery pipeline. This bi-directional integration enables closed feedback loop between your DevOps and Release pipelines in ElectricFlow and Dynatrace’s AppMon & UEM, with automated policy-based control for prevention of outages, quick recovery and enhanced customer experience.

It enables you to:

  • Shift-Left monitoring: Automatically detect performance issues by inspecting deep architectural metrics early in the pipeline and stop potential bad versions getting into production environments proactively
  • Visibility of deployments to Operations users: Automatically update AppMon with details of deployment incidents with complete visibility of what was deployed to which environments and when. Such information makes it easier to understand root cause of performance issues in Production and aids troubleshooting
  • Automated Rollbacks based on policies: Using the related action plug-in (available on the Dyntrace side) automated actions such as rollbacks can be initiated based on policies to enable ‘self-healing’.

The plugin interacts with Dynatrace AppMon test automation API.

It allows you to:

  • Register test runs in Dynatrace
  • Retrieve results of test runs
  • Provide visibility in the Pipeline runs of success/degradation from baselines
  • Create incidents to register deployment with Dynatrace

Plugin Screenshots: