ElectricFlow allows you to take a fully code-native approach to Continuous Delivery and Release Orchestration using ElectricFlow’s Groovy based DSL. ElectricFlow’s model based approach means that every object in ElectricFlow – including release pipelines, deployment automation & strategies, environments, configurations, application models, and more – are all backed by code.

The EC-DslDeploy plugin makes it easy to sync ElectriFlow DSL code with your local repository so that you can start treating your pipeline as a product, making it versionable, testable, and reusable – just like your application code!

This plugin will maintain your code in a file structure that maps directly to ElectricFlow’s model based structure making it easy to re-use, collaborate, and maintain. It supports

  • Managing all ElectricFlow objects as code
  • Synchronizing on a per project basis
  • .dsl or .groovy extension
  • The ability to create generic DSL files 
  • Artifacts to support ElectricFlow code promotion pipeline
  • CI support for your DEV environment
  • Fully compatible with the ectool CLI interface

This is a community based and plugin and, while it has undergone extensive field testing, it is provided “as is” with no commitment to further support. Please feel free to offer suggestions in the form of Github project “Issues” and we or others in the Github community will address them.