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ElectricFlow provides Polarion users with:

  • Workflow automation regardless of development methodology or process
  • Faster cycle time and more efficient use of IT infrastructure
  • Centralized management of software artifacts
  • Visibility and reporting for project predictability and fewer process errors
  • A shared platform for disseminating best practices and standardizing common procedures
  • Security and scalability to support geographically distributed teams

This plugin allows software teams who use Polarion ALM to achieve a faster, more reliable, delivery of high-quality IoT, connected / autonomous cars, robots, smart appliances, big data services, and other software driven products and services.

When code is checked into Polarion source code repository, this plugin allows ElectricFlow to trigger Continuous Integration, Continuous Test, and Continuous Release processes, orchestrating all of the tools involved in building, testing, deployment and release.

The Electric Cloud plugin for Polarion can:

  1. Centrally manage and orchestrate the hundreds of existing tools used during build, test, deployment and release processes
  2. Create a clean workspace for CI
  3. Configure and set up machines on-demand from private / public / hybrid cloud infrastructure to perform build, link, and test tasks in parallel for acceleration from a pool of shared resources
  4. Extract last known approved libraries that the about-to-be-checked-in files depend on from an artifact repository
  5. Based on the changed files, automatically run the corresponding unit tests, component test, and integration test cases from a test repository
  6. Perform test in parallel to accelerate test execution
  7. Based on pre-determined rules, make a decision to pass or fail the check-in request
  8. Notifying the engineers of successful/failed builds and progress of the pipeline
  9. Providing dashboards and detailed reports for traceability and compliance purposes – so that project managers and business owners can monitor the progress of a release
  10. Automate the deployment of production-ready code across any and all environments required, eg. Deployment to a back-end datacenter at the same time mobile software is published to the App Store and binaries are published for device upgrade.

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Contact us to receive the plugin file »