VMware vCenter Lab Manager is a software development and testing tool that enables application owners, development, and QA teams to pool network and storage resources.

Lab Manager provides users with a fully equipped data center, facilitating collaboration among individuals using diverse operating platforms and facilities.

The main purpose of VMware Lab Manager is to simplify and streamline the process of gathering and interconnecting machines, installing and maintaining operating systems, adding and updating applications and resolving problems such as software bugs. VMware vCenter Lab Manager supports open, continuous communication among members and subgroups within a large, diverse development team. Users can deploy, capture, and share multi-tier application environments in seconds while IT remains in administrative control.

Lab Manager supports VMware Infrastructure 3, a software suite designed to centralize and optimize desktop management and data center resources through virtualization. VMware vCenter Lab Manager saves time and enables unique live snapshot/rollback functionality for purpose-built dev/test environments.

The Lab Manager plugin uses the Lab Manager SOAP API to connect to the Lab Manager server to automate and perform various operations.

The plugin interact with Lab Manager data using PERL to perform the following tasks:

  • Create configuration to hold connection information.
  • Query for virtual machine and configuration information.
  • Perform actions on machines and configurations.
  • Capture, checkout, clone, delete, and deploy configurations.
  • Create ElectricFlow resources.
  • This plugin provides two primary actions: Provision and Cleanup, which work as a pair within a job.


Plugin Screenshots: