vCloud Director is VMware’s cloud computing management tool. It manages Infrastructure-as-a-Service architectures by monitoring and controlling various cloud-computing components, such as security, virtual machine provisioning, billing and self-service access. It focuses on private and hybrid cloud-computing infrastructures.

VMware vCloud Director builds on top of VMware vSphere, enabling customers to:

  • Pool datacenter resources, including compute, storage and networking into virtual datacenters (VDCs), which can be offered to users on-demand through a self-service portal interface so end users can consume virtual resources with maximum agility.
  • Consolidate datacenters and deploy workloads on shared infrastructure with built-in security and role-based access control.
  • Migrate workloads between different clouds and integrate existing management systems using customer extensions, APIs, and open cross-cloud standards.

vCD enables IT organizations to act as true service providers for the businesses they support, building hybrid clouds leveraging the same technology used by a growing network of service providers around the globe.

The vCD plugin communicates with vCloud Director through its RESTful API using Perl, to allow users to automate and perform the following datacenter operations on vCloud Director:

  • Create configuration to hold connection information.
  • Query for virtual machine and vApp information.
  • Perform actions on machines and vApps.
  • Capture, clone, delete, start and deploy vApps.
  • Create ElectricCommander resources.
  • This plugin provides two primary actions: Provision and Cleanup, which work as a pair within a job.

Plugin Screenshots: