Certifications and Badges

Electric Cloud University

Students who complete the learning paths and demonstrate their knowledge of either ElectricAccelerator and ElectricFlow will earn a professional certification for that path. Students can extend their certifications by earning badges in specific topics geared towards their learning persona.

ECU Certification

ElectricFlow Certification

Certificates are available for each learning path, including:

  • ElectricFlow Release Orchestration
  • ElectricFlow Release Implementer
  • ElectricFlow Deployment Automation Users
  • ElectricFlow Deployment Automation Implementer
  • ElectricFlow Administration

Certification is good for one year from the date of certification and is based on the latest release at the time of certification.  Because Electric Cloud’s products release frequently during the year and each release contains many new features, it is important that those who are certified on ElectricAccelerator and ElectricFlow remain current.  Re-certification can be done easily through ECU by taking a test that will include general questions on the overall product from the Learning Paths listed above, and specific questions on the latest releases; in this manner our users can remain current with their certifications.


ElectricAccelerator Certification

ElectricAccelerator students can also gain certification for both a Build Engineer path and an Administrator’s learning path, allowing those who are using or maintaining ElectricAccelerator to also have proof of passing their ElectricAccelerator training.


Badges have been created in addition to the ElectricFlow certification to allow those who wish to go beyond the basic persona-based training to gain a deeper knowledge of the ElectricFlow software. Badges are available as an add-on to the persona certifications as follows:

Deployment Automation Engineer/Implementer:

  • Microservices Badge
  • Domain Specific Language (DSL) Badge
  • Self Service Catalog Badge
  • Cloud Platform Badge
    • AWS/Azure configuration (dynamic environments)
  • Artifact Repository Badge
    • Artifactory/Nexus repository configuration & usage
  • Access Controls Badge

Release Automation Engineer/Implementer:

  • Domain Specific Language (DSL) Badge
  • Custom DevOps Insight Server Reports Badge
  • Custom Personas Badge
  • Access Controls Badge

IT/Administration Engineer:

  • HA/HS/DR – High Availability/High Scalability/Disaster Recovery Badge
  • Zones & Gateways Badge
  • ElectricFlow Administrator Plugin (EC-Admin) Badge
    • (e.g. backups/artifact repo multi-site sync)

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